The War With WordPress

I should post a gif here or something, but I’m too frustrated right now.

Seems when I comment using my actual website

on ANY WordPress blog or site

it gets


and tossed thoughtlessly into the blogger’s Junk Folder.

So if you’ve found this blog and thought

Wow, this website feels dated (it is)

Um, does she know about this site? (I do)

Well, isn’t there a better website that tells me more about her? (there is. See above.)

Then please, just think of this (dated) meme




Spring Spirit 2016 Summaries (1)

I don’t usually reblog, but making an exception for the very first blog post of the ACORN from SCBWI California North/Central Region.

If you couldn’t make it to Spring Spirit this year you missed a lot—like Bruce Hale singing to us (really). Or maybe you were there but missed a few sessions because you couldn’t be in two or three places at once. (And if you CAN be in two or three places at once, call me, I have questions.) Anyway, don’t fret! We’ve got you covered. Our volunteers have written lots of summaries for your notes, or to give you a few more reasons to make sure you get there in 2017!

SpSp2016Logo750x276 by Chad Hunter


Writing For Children: Everything You Needed to Know (But Didn’t Know to Ask) with JaNay Brown-Wood, Gayle Pitman, Jessica Taylor, and Stephanie Garber by Jen Garrett

Imagine being taught by four fabulous authors in one sitting! That’s what happened on Friday night when JaNay Brown-Wood, Gayle Pitman, Jessica Taylor, and Stephanie Garber answered all the questions we didn’t know to…

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The Forgotten Property

When last I wrote here, I was moving from my BlogSpot blog. I thought, maybe WordPress had a cyberspace for my new home. So I checked it out. It was OK, but not what I really wanted in a website or blog, so I moved on. And forgot about this little WordPress spot I had created. Until I was notified that I had a new follower.

Now, I’m always thrilled to be followed. Obviously, I written something you like and want to read more. But I don’t want my followers to get lost at my rundown forgotten websites, so this is me waving you over to my new site — *WAVE *WAVE.

Come over to That’s my primary residence.

OK, I do use my WordPress account to follow others and connect, so don’t think I hate this site or anything. I don’t. I just found a website host that I like better. And I can only maintain one cyber house at a time. Sorry folks I’m only one writer.

The Cyber Move

All my life, I haven’t stayed in one place for very long. Looks my cyberhomes are no exception. I was fine with my blogspot blog, but kept getting these annoying error messages. And I kept hearing about how great WordPress is. Well, maybe it’s time to move.

<Strong> Problems with Moving </Strong>

1. Finding the Right New Home: The free stuff on WordPress seems much more limited than Blogspot, and I know I’m not ready to upgrade. So is WordPress right for me, or should I keep looking?

2. Packing: What do I take with me to the new blog and what do I leave behind?

3. Notifying: I have Facebook, Twitter, and email followers, all different. I hope I don’t forget anyone when I announce the big Move!