The Forgotten Property

When last I wrote here, I was moving from my BlogSpot blog. I thought, maybe WordPress had a cyberspace for my new home. So I checked it out. It was OK, but not what I really wanted in a website or blog, so I moved on. And forgot about this little WordPress spot I had created. Until I was notified that I had a new follower.

Now, I’m always thrilled to be followed. Obviously, I written something you like and want to read more. But I don’t want my followers to get lost at my rundown forgotten websites, so this is me waving you over to my new site — *WAVE *WAVE.

Come over to That’s my primary residence.

OK, I do use my WordPress account to follow others and connect, so don’t think I hate this site or anything. I don’t. I just found a website host that I like better. And I can only maintain one cyber house at a time. Sorry folks I’m only one writer.

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